...These kinds of details you always get correct in your books and I think it is their authenticity that allows you to get away with ghosts, revenants, fairies, reincarnation, and so forth.  (Though I do demur from "cow turd" on 107 -never in my life have I heard turd used for cow pile, flop, pie, or shit.  Turd denotes I think solidity and well defined shape, which cows with their inartistic digestive processes do not produce.)  The descriptions- brief as they are- of driving those roads strikes home, as does the fact that Sharline cannot master the skill.

Now I will confess something you will scarce credit, but it is the truth minus all shellac.  I did not read the paragraph of the back cover but just jumped cold turkey nekkid-like Sharline and Arlis into the pool-into the book.  Soon I was scribbling all kinds of "learned" notes.  Indian Rider.  crossdressing.  Forest of Arden.  Binns-Malvolio Traveling theater troupe.  Fairies.  Shxper Shxper Shxper.  Then in an idle moment I glanced at the back cover and felt-once again, me hearties-an abject pedantic fool.

But that shows that even abject pedantic fools can have Big Fun with Shower and for others not so head-burdened with books there will be pleasant surprises revealed.  I was a little alarmed when the novel took a blue-movie turn there toward the end, but of course it is all in good clean fun and is a nifty postmodern (I hate that fucking word; let us say, then, "contemporary") take on the confused love-quadrangle in MND.

The reviewer's info says they'll release in September.  Okay, but I wish they'd do it now.  This is a perfect SUMMER book and I have enjoyed much of it out in the garden which is the perfect setting-sitting around, slowing down my reading so the book won't run out, feeling kinda horney now and then in the "good parts" (as used to call em in high school), recalling favorite lines from MND.

The last chapter-I dunno; it seems kinda elegiac, as if you might not write another novel, as if Shower is the coda to the corpus.  I hope not.  Geez, Don...

But that has nothing to do with the book itself.  The last chapter too has its great charm and one of them is also nostalgia, though it is nostalgia for Stay More rather than for Republic Pictures, for all the sunny and scary pages we have been treated to.  Say it ain't so.  Come back, Shane...

Anyhow, you have done a wonderful book, Don.  If it is your Tempest, in which the Master lays down his wand, if it is Goodfeller's epilogue wherein all is revealed to be but a vision, then so be it. 'Twould be a grand and gentle way to ride into the sunset but way too soon.

Anyhow, The Pitcher Shower shall win hearts.  How many books, no matter how hot, how "important," can boast of such?  How many writers?


But you're a principal.

And so, good night,





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